Hazem Hawash
Game Producer

Motto: I need some sleep! The problem is i'm three months late!
Samir Rebib
Creative Director

Pseudo: SamJ!N

Favorite games: Final Fantasy VI - Secret of Mana - Skies of Arcadia

Motto: No one realizes what's going on, I don't realize myself...
Quentin Papleux
Environments Artist

Pseudo: zeldads

Favorite games: Legend of Zelda: A link to the past - Bioshock - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Motto: So say we all !
Francois Dumoulin
3D Artist

Motto: My all power comes from my beard!
Valerie Rouvroy
3D Artist

Pseudo: Elwinri

Favorite games: Pokemon Or - Age of Empire - Command and Conquier Soleil de Tiberium

Motto: Ne suis pas tes rêves, pourchasse-les !
Kevin Pollaert

Pseudo: BlysKrieg

Favorite games: Dark Souls - Guild Wars - Fifa

Motto: T’inquietes ! Je gère !
Herve Denoyelles
Programmer Consulting

Motto: Il n'y a pas de problèmes, que des solutions.
Karl Lalonnier
Game Designer

Pseudo: Chef Milkeux

Favorite games: Killer 7 - Diablo 2 - Hotline Miami

Motto: Milk + Vellocet, Synthemesc or Drencrom. It is what we were drinking !
Maxence Charles
3D Animator

Pseudo: Magic Charles

Favorite games: BioShock - Kotor 2 - Fifa

Motto: Je suis l’atout charme officiel d’Enigami !
Benjamin Singier
Setup Artist

Pseudo: Kalen

Favorite games: Counter Strike - FIFA - Battlefield

Motto: Pour gagner plus, jouez plus !
Angel Ignace
Sound Designer

Pseudo: ZerodB

Favorite games: Final fantasy VII - Kingdom Hearts 1&2 - Ori and the Blind Forest

Motto: Trust me i am a (sound) engineer
Boell Oyino
2D Artist

Pseudo: Arrhobaz/@-kun

Favorite games: Golden Sun - Advance Wars - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Motto: A moitié plein ou a moitié vide, un verre reste un verre !
Remy Vanmeenen
2D Artist

Favorite games: Dark Souls - Metal Gear Solid 3 - Grand Theft Auto V

Motto: Activité : sieste !
William Dartois

Pseudo: Willy Ware

Favorite games: Times Splitters 2 - Super Smash Bros. Melee - Diablo 2

Motto: Straight up!
Anthony Halloui-Thomas
Level Designer - Quest Designer

Pseudo: Azgarel

Favorite games: Unreal, Morrowind, Mass Effect

Motto: Pour avoir une bonne idée, il faut d'abord avoir plein d'idées.
Gauthier Foucart
3D Artist

Pseudo: Ptibogvader

Favorite games: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Rome: Total War - Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm

Motto: Had to be me, someone else might have gotten it wrong.
3D Animator

Motto: Animer c’est la vie !
Quentin Fournier

Pseudo: Xeheros

Favorite games: Guild Wars - Little Big Adventure 2 - Final Fantasy 8

Motto: J'aimerais changer le monde, mais impossible de trouver le code source.
Sébastien Durand

Pseudo: Tyrano

Favorite games: Mass Effect - Supreme Commander - Serious Sam