Level Designer / Quest Planner

Contract type: Internship
Work time: Plein temps

Description :

Do you like the RPG ? Do you have fun by creating level on game&#039;s editors ? Do you like to tell story ? So this announce is for you.<br /> As part of development of Shiness, Enigami is looking for a Level Designer. Your mission consist on creating environmental layouts and including quests with tools developed in internal.

Required profile:

1 year of experience with a game engine obligatory. Knows how to tell story through a background.<br /> Work in team capacity. Adaptability to punctual situation and being organise.<br /> Bonus: Played a lot of Japanese RPG. Have knowledge in Manga and fighting game. Knowledge of UDK (Kismet) Beginner accepted, in condition of having personal work on any game&#039;s editor.

More informations:

The mission take place exclusively in Tourcoing (59) France, the telecommuting is not accepted.<br /> Mission of 6 months minimum.<br /> Available now.

To provide:

Please send us a portfolio and a resume.